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    Lirik Lagu Everglow, - COLDPLAY

    We see people comeSee people goThis particular timing is extra specialI know you might be goneAnd the world may not knowStill I see you celestial
    Like a lion you ranGoddess he wroteLike an eagle you circleAnd perfect of allSo how come things move onHow come cars don't slowWhen it feels like the end of the worldWhen I should but I can't let you go
    But when I'm cold, coldWhen I'm cold, coldThere's a light that you give meWhen I'm in shadowsIt's a feeling within me, everglow
    We're brothers in thatThe sisters you writeWhen we swore on that nightWe'd be friends 'til we dieWith the changing of windsAnd the way waters flowLife is short as the falling of snowI know I'm going to miss you, I know
    But when I'm cold, coldYeah, all alone, the sunAnd I know that you're with meAnd the way you show, when you're with me wherever I goBut you give me this feeling, it's everglow
    Oh, what I would give for just a moment to knowYeah, I live for this feeling, it's everglowSo if you love someone, you should let them knowOh, the light that you left me will everglow

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